Friday, 2 August 2013

Two People (2013)

Person I
I am not the kind of person to ask for something. If I want it, I will take it. That’s how I got where I am today. I am respected. Well respected. Women despise me, but men look up to me. They are like dogs to me. Dogs that run after any bone you throw them. I have worked hard to get here. When I started, all women tried to destroy me. All of them. But women don’t have a say when the men take decisions. And they take the decision that I whisper into their ears at night. Every night. Different decisions, different men. From soldiers to politicians – I go after the one that serves my interest best. Remember the speech the judge gave in court last week? I wrote it. 

Person II
They call me ‘boy-toy’. At 14 I ran away from home and ended up at a bar. A man walked up to me and offered me 50 Francs. I didn’t have anything, no money, no place to stay, so I went home with him. Once you cross that line, you will cross it again. I have done so many times now. To be honest, my fame has grown and I make quite a good living. Of course I look at other young people at my age, 18-year old young men who have their whole life ahead of them. They sit next to me in the bars, laughing and talking about girls. They make plans to travel and to become the most successful entrepreneurs of France. I have nothing to look forward to. My life ended the day I kneeled down and opened my mouth.  

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